The Next Generation of Native Languages

by Developer.com Staff

D, Go, Rust and Vala offer a more modern take on true compiled languages.

Native languages, notably C and C++, have experienced a resurgence of interest lately, and even older native languages like Pascal, Fortran and Ada are seeing some renewed enthusiasm. However, these languages don't reflect current concepts of parallelism, immutability, large libraries and extended data types. That's where a new generation of native languages is filling in the gap.

Four of these new languages -- D (from Digital Mars), Go (from Google), Rust (from Mozilla), and Vala (from Gnome) -- are particularly noteworthy. All are free, and all but D are completely open source. They're neither as simple as C or as complicated at C++. And they offer a contemporary approach to a true compiled language.

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This article was originally published on Wednesday May 9th 2012
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