The Most Popular Programming Languages on GitHub

by Developer.com Staff

A RedMonk report shows the rise and fall of popular languages over the last five years.

Analyst firm RedMonk has released a new report titled “GitHub language trends and the fragmenting landscape.” According to the report, “it’s increasingly obvious that only five languages have historically mattered on GitHub on the basis of overall share: JavaScript, Ruby, Java, PHP and Python. New contender CSS is on the way up, while C and C++ hold honorable mentions. Everything else is, on a volume basis, irrelevant today, even if it’s showing fantastic growth like Go and will likely be relevant in these rankings within the next year or two.”

Interestingly, most languages tracked by the report have shown a gradual decline in popularity since 2008. RedMonk attributes this to the growing number of options and developers choosing lesser-known programming languages. The two exceptions are JavaScript and Java, which have both seen large increases in usage over the past five years.

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This article was originally published on Thursday May 8th 2014
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