The Most Popular Android SDKs

by Developer.com Staff

More mobile development firms are using the Firebase SDK.

SafeDK Mobile Ltd., an SDK management vendor, has released a new report on the most popular SDKs in Android apps. Number one on the list was the Google Play Services SDK, which was used by 97.8 percent of apps. Second went to Facebook (46.0 percent), and third to Firebase (27.4 percent), followed by Unity Ads (15.7 percent) and Flurry (14.8 percent). Interestingly, the Firebase SDK was the only member of the top five to show increases between January and May.

The top SDK categories included analytics (82.0 percent), advertising (75.3 percent), social (46.5 percent), payment (41.8 percent), location (32.6 percent), rewarded videos (26.6 percent) and crash reporting (25.9 percent).

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This article was originally published on Monday Jun 26th 2017
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