The GitHub Octoverse: 31 Million Strong

by Developer.com Staff

The code hosting service also debuted some new tools.

During GitHub's Universe 2018 conference, the code hosting service unveiled its latest Octoverse report and some new tools for developers. According to the report, more than 31 developers from 2.1 million organizations (40 percent more than last year) now use GitHub. They have more than 96 million repositories on the site, about a third of which were created in the last year. This year's top open source projects include Visual Studio Code, React Native, TensorFlow, Angular CLI, Azure-Docs, Angular, Ansible, Kubernetes, NPM and DefinitelyTyped. Microsoft made the most open source contributions, followed by Google, Red Hat, UC Berkeley and Intel. Top languages were JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP and C++.

GitHub's new development tools include the Actions workflow tool, Token Scanning that ensures tokens and keys aren't exposed in public repositories, a Security Advisory API, the Connect collaboration tool, Business Identity, Unified Search and Contributions, and the GitHub Learning Lab.

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Oct 17th 2018
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