The Facebook Developers Who Work With Advertisers

by Developer.com Staff

The social media giant has 100 engineers working on tools and products for advertisers.

It's no secret that Facebook has a huge army of developers and engineers working on its social media platforms. But most people didn't realize the company also has 100 engineers devoted to helping Facebook advertisers build tools and infrastructure to make their ad campaigns more effective. According to Facebook, companies that work with these engineers see an average 100 percent improvement in their return on ad spending.

In the coming year, the team will focus on machine learning. "One area we’re increasingly spending time helping clients with is incorporating more machine learning into solutions and driving efficiency through technology," said Vastal Mehta, Facebook’s director of solutions engineering." This includes building better optimization tools that help the client without them needing to adjust and turn nobs in the interface. We see this as a huge area of investment across our business over the next year."

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Jan 2nd 2018
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