The Best Programmer Libraries of 2014

by Developer.com Staff

Most of the winners were Windows tools.

Dr. Dobb's has handed out another batch of Jolt Awards, this time for programmer libraries. The website noted that this year, the best libraries skewed heavily toward Windows. "This disappointing platform-centrism is purely the result of the economics: Development organizations on Windows are willing to pay for their products, while those on other platforms (notably Linux and Java) have a deeply entrenched tradition of free, generally open-source, products," the site wrote. "The dollars surely make a difference, as we can see by the quality of the offerings, especially Windows UX suites and their extraordinary range of features."

The winners were as follows:

  • Finalist: Intel Perceptual Computing SDK
  • Finalist: /n Software Red Carpet
  • Finalist: Combit List & Label 19
  • Jolt Productivity Award: Infragistics Ultimate 2013 Vol. 2
  • Jolt Productivity Award: ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2013 v3
  • Jolt Award: DevExpress Universal 13.2

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This article was originally published on Friday Apr 25th 2014
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