Testing Reveals Mobile Devices Aren't Ready for HTML5

by Developer.com Staff

Smartphones and tablets will run HTML5 apps, but those apps run s-l-o-w-l-y.

App development firm Spaceport.io has released a new set of benchmarks designed to test HTML5 performance on various browsers and devices. Using its PerfMarks II testing platform, the company found that mobile browsers averaged 889 times slower than desktop browsers when rendering HTML5. Even the fastest mobile devices were six to eight times slower than regular PCs in the tests.

"It's easy to see an HTML5 demo on a laptop and get excited about how HTML5 will revolutionize mobile application development, but with the slowdown factors ranging from 6 to thousands, it's very important to take such demos with a grain of salt," stated the report. "The problem is that on desktop and laptop computers, the Flash Player plugin is effectively universal and provides a high-performance, cross-platform experience. Thus, HTML5 is not so desperately needed on the desktop web. It's the mobile platforms, where Flash is not available, that so desperately need HTML5 and sadly, it is exactly these platforms where performance is still lacking."

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This article was originally published on Tuesday May 22nd 2012
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