Swift, TypeScript, Go, Rust Rise in RedMonk Language Rankings

by Developer.com Staff

The list ranks programming languages based on their popularity on GitHub.

RedMonk has released its semiannual Programming Language Rankings, and several newer languages did very well. Apple's Swift language for mobile development climbed from 17th to 11th; Microsoft's TypeScript climbed nine spots to reach 17th place. Google's Go jumped four spots to 15th place, and Mozilla's Rust rose from 47th to 26th.

There was much less movement at the top of the chart, where the first five were the same as in the last update to the list. JavaScript, Java, Python, and PHP came in first through fourth, in that order, while C# and C++ tied for fifth. Ruby, which also tied for fifth in the last update, slid to seventh place.

RedMonk bases its rankings on GitHub pull requests.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Mar 21st 2017
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