Survey Hints That Android Tablets Could Become More Popular Than iPads

by Developer.com Staff

IT pros say their next tablet will run Android, not iOS.

Somewhat surprisingly, a new survey from market research firm IDG finds that Android could be poised for dominance in the tablet industry. Early adopters, those who already own a tablet, have overwhelmingly opted for Apple's iPad; 60 percent own iPads versus just 31 percent who own Android tablets. However, when asked about future tablet purchases, 33 percent of business and IT professionals selected Android, compared to 31 percent for iPad. Among IT types, 49 percent voted for Android, while only 26 opted for iPad.

Most other analyst firms have predicted that the iPad will continue to lead the market for several years. However, IDG says that inexpensive Android tablets could attract many buyers. "The survey data confirms that Android owners are more price sensitive than iPad owners," said the report.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Aug 7th 2012
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