Survey Finds Strong Support for Python

by Developer.com Staff

The programming language is used for many big data projects.

In a new survey of 11,500 developers conducted by Packt Publishing Ltd., Python fared very well, nearly equaling JavaScript as the most popular programming language. "If there's one language that's defined 2015 and 2016, it's Python," said the Skill Up 2016 report.

Python is particularly popular for big data projects. "JavaScript and Python are both essential in their respective fields of Web development and data science," the report added. "But they are also useful to know for many other tasks. Python's ease of learning makes it a popular new language to adopt, and it is versatile enough to be used for everything from penetration testing to Web development."

The top three job titles for Python developers are data analyst/data scientist, engineer (software) and software developer (applications software).

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Jul 20th 2016
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