Survey: 59% of Mobile Developers Have Created Fewer Than 5 Apps

Friday Aug 19th 2016 by Developer.com Staff

The majority of mobile development pros haven't yet created a wearable app.

Netguru and Typeform have published some results from an ongoing mobile development survey. "The results of the study came as quite surprising," Netguru said. "It turned out that although programming has recently become one of the most popular career paths, the vast majority of coders are quite inexperienced. 59 percent of developers have worked on 1-4 apps available in Google Play or App Store, 19 percent claimed to have delivered from 5 to 9 apps, while 9 percent have worked on over 10 apps. Surprisingly, 13 percent of devs declared that they haven’t put an app on the market yet."

Other key findings from the survey included the following:

  • 64 percent of mobile development pros surveyed said they haven't created any apps for wearables.
  • The most popular programming languages were JavaScript, Ruby and PHP.
  • 85 percent of developers said that interesting work is more important than a high salary.
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