Supreme Court to Hear App Store Case

by Developer.com Staff

Users claim that Apple has an unfair monopoly.

In a case that could have wide-ranging implications for the mobile development industry, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in a class-action lawsuit brought against Apple. The case, brought by a group of consumers, claims that the Apple App Store constitutes an illegal monopoly in violation of federal antitrust law.

Citing Supreme Court precedent, Apple claims that the plaintiffs do not have standing to bring the lawsuit and that only developers could sue. It also says that deciding in favor of the plaintiffs would disparage innovation and possibly damage ecommerce. Opponents say that Apple has an unfair monopoly and that developers would be unlikely to sue because Apple could lock them out of the App Store in retaliation.

In 2017, developers earned more than $26 billion through the App Store.

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This article was originally published on Monday Nov 26th 2018
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