Statistical Programming Languages Becoming More Popular

by Developer.com Staff

Big data is bringing big attention to R, MatLab, LabView and S.

Tiobe has just released its regularly monthly index of programming language popularity, and this month the story is about the growth in popularity for statistical programming languages. For example, R was 31st on the list a year ago and is now number 15. Other statistical languages on the list include MatLab (24), LabView (63), Mathematica, (80), S (84) and Julia (126).

"Thanks to the big data hype, computational statistics is gaining attention nowadays," said Tiobe. Still, experts don't expect that statistical languages will ever be anywhere near as popular as Java and C.

The top five languages on Tiobe's list this month were C (17.47 percent), Java (14.39), Objective-C (9.06 percent), C++ (6.12) and C# (4.99).

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Nov 11th 2014
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