Square Releases Bug Analysis Tool 'Squash'

Thursday Jan 17th 2013 by Developer.com Staff

The open source tool helps route bug reports to the appropriate developer.

Payment firm Square has open sourced one of its internal application development tools. Called "Squash," the tool aims to speed up bug fixes by routing bug reports directly to the programmer who originally submitted the code in question, eliminating the need for project managers to look at reports and assign someone to the task.

Square explains, "Rather than emailing the entire company when there’s a bug, Squash only sends an email to the engineer at fault. When people receive an email from Squash, they pay attention to it, because it’s usually something they’re prepared to address. If the engineer sits on the email, eventually it escalates. You can configure how you’d like unaddressed bugs to escalate."

The Squash code is now available on GitHub.

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