Square Begins Accepting Applications for This Year's College Code Camp

by Developer.com Staff

Interested women students can sign up for the weeklong bootcamp that will take place in January.

As part of its efforts to inspire more women to become developers, Square has scheduled its fourth annual tech industry bootcamp for January 6-10 in San Francisco. Interested female college students can submit applications now if they would like to participate.

Square began the program after it found that it was difficult to hire as many female programmers as they wanted because there simply weren't very many female computer science students. According to the company, 96 percent of those who have participated in past camps said they felt more empowered as women in technology as a result of the program, and 82 percent said they talk to someone they met at camp at least once a month. Three past attendees now work for Square.

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This article was originally published on Monday Oct 13th 2014
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