Splice Machine Releases Open Source Big Data Tool

by Developer.com Staff

The company's dual engine RDBMS leverages Hadoop and Spark.

Splice Machine has released an open source version of its dual-engine big data tool. "Splice Machine is the open source dual-engine RDBMS for mixed operational and analytical workloads, powered by Hadoop and Spark," the company explained. "The Splice Machine RDBMS executes operational workloads on Apache HBase and analytical workloads on Apache Spark."

It added, "We make it very easy to use specialized compute engines for the right workload but do not require the developer to integrate those engines. Developers can use standard SQL to ingest, access, update, and analyze the database without worrying about what compute engine to use because the Splice Machine optimizer picks the right compute engine, already integrated, based on the nature of the query."

The company first announced its intention to release an open source version of its software last month. Developers can try out the technology in a sandbox that runs on Amazon's cloud computing service. Splice Machine also offers a paid enterprise edition.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Jul 19th 2016
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