SourceForge Loses Credibility After GIMP Scandal

by Developer.com Staff

The open source hosting service stands accused of injecting malware and adware into projects.

SourceForge, which used to be one of the leading places to find open source projects, has suffered some serious damage to its reputation in the wake of a scandal involving the image editing program GIMP. In recent years, use of SourceForge has dropped off as much of the open source community has migrated to GitHub. In an attempt to monetize its dwindling catalog of projects, SourceForge has been using some aggressive advertising techniques that some characterize as adware or malware.

In the most recent scandal, the developers behind the GIMP image manipulation software accuse SourceForge of taking over the Windows port of GIMP and adding adware to the installer. SourceForge has since gotten rid of the adware, but the GIMP project wants a way to remove all traces of their project from SourceForge. It has issued a statement saying, "SourceForge are abusing the trust that we and our users had put into their service in the past."

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Jun 3rd 2015
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