Some Markets Better Than Others for the Mobile Development Industry

by Developer.com Staff

Japan, South Korea and Australia are the most lucrative.

A new Distimo survey is shedding more light on how much money mobile development firms are making in various markets. It details the average revenue per download (how much money the app brings in from each user) and the average cost per install (CPI, the amount paid on advertising and marketing to attract each user) in several different countries.

In the U.S., mobile development firms appear to be barely breaking even as they bring in $2.52 in average revenue on a $2.17 CPI. The margins are also slim in Canada, Europe and even China.

The best market for mobile apps by far is Japan, where average revenues total $6.34 per user on a $1.86 CPI. South Korea ($3.82 revenue per download, $1.98 CPI) and Australia ($4.50 revenue per download, $2.59 CPI) were also more lucrative than average.

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This article was originally published on Monday Feb 24th 2014
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