Smartphone Shipments Climb 16%

by Developer.com Staff

Apple and Microsoft shipments rose; Samsung shipments fell.

Juniper Research is reporting that manufacturers shipped 338 million smartphones in the second quarter of 2015, a 16 percent year-over-year increase. Apple increased its iPhone shipments significantly, particularly in China, where the company's revenues skyrocketed by 112 percent. Microsoft also increased its shipments and saw a 12 percent improvement over last year. By contrast, Samsung saw a decline in shipments, which the company blamed on component supply problems. BlackBerry and LG also saw decreases.

As smartphone sales increased, so did global mobile data traffic, which is expected to top 52 million TB this year, a 59 percent increase from 2014. The report also included one surprisingly tidbit of information for the mobile development industry: 45- to 54-year-olds were more likely to stream mobile video than 18- to 24-year-olds.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Aug 4th 2015
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