Should Young Developers Go to Work at Startups?

Friday May 31st 2013 by Developer.com Staff

One blogger cautions that the startup culture may not meet young coders' expectations.

Blogger Alex Payne recently wrote a post titled "Letter To A Young Programmer Considering A Startup" that is getting a lot of attention from other developers. In the post, Payne says there are four key things young people should know before taking a job at a startup:

  • "A startup is just a means to an end."
  • "A startup job is the new office job. Startup culture is the new corporate culture."
  • "Startups are part of the system, not a rebellious wrench in the cogs."
  • "Startups have an ongoing interpersonal cost."

Many developers on Twitter have said that the post is right on target and that developers should carefully weigh the pros and cons before going to work at a startup.

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