Should You Live-Stream Your Coding Sessions?

by Developer.com Staff

The practice not only helps newbies hone their skills, it also changes the way developers approach their projects.

A developer named Adam Wulf has begun live-streaming his coding sessions and recommends the practice to other programmers. Recently, he live-streamed the mobile development process for a new game called Spare Parts from start to finish.

He said that people watching the stream suggested features and ideas which helped make the app better. He didn't see any downside to the practice; instead, it actually improved his work. "Usually when I work, so much of my thought process is internal monologue," he said, "but with live streaming I try to narrate my thought process out loud. This has forced me to think through problems a little differently than I otherwise would, which has been really beneficial for me."

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This article was originally published on Friday Apr 10th 2015
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