Should Apple Be Doing More to Court Developers?

by Developer.com Staff

A prominent venture capitalist says the firm won't be that important in ten years.

In a highly cited interview, venture capitalist Fred Wilson made the bold prediction that Apple won't be one of the top three tech firms in ten years because it is too focused on hardware and not focused enough on the cloud.

Matt Asay from ReadWrite points to another possible reason that Apple could fall—not enough support for open source developers. He points out that GitHub has become a center for much mainstream development activity, but Apple has virtually no presence on the code sharing site. Also, more mobile development firms have recently been choosing to target Android before—or instead of—iOS. Asay writes, "To thrive in the next decade of mobile development, Apple may want to consider opening up a bit to open-source developers. The place to do that is GitHub."

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This article was originally published on Tuesday May 6th 2014
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