Scrum.org and DevOps Institute Launch ScrumOps Effort

by Developer.com Staff

The two organizations say Scrum and DevOps can play well together.

Scrum.org and DevOps Institute are partnering to launch ScrumOps, which offers a new model for software delivery. “I believe that without agile, DevOps lacks direction, as agile is the heartbeat of empiricism and places focus on inspection and adaption. On the other hand, Scrum needs DevOps because it creates the foundation to help you scale by reducing the pain the Scrum team faces when releasing software. It’s time to finally stop water-scrum-fall,” said Dave West, CEO and product owner of Scrum.org.

“When we bring the practices and ideologies of Scrum and DevOps together, we can truly shape the end-to-end IT organization,” said Jayne Groll, CEO of DevOps Institute. “This new model shows how business, development, delivery, security and operations fit together to support continuous value in a governed way.”

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Apr 4th 2017
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