Rust Team Introduces Rust 2018

by Developer.com Staff

Rust 1.31.0 is also Rust 2018, the first new edition of the programming language.

The Rust Team recently announced the release of Rust 2018, the first major new edition of Rust since 1.0, a.k.a. Rust 2015.

While the Team will continue to publish releases every six weeks as usual, the latest release, Rust 1.31.0, has been designated as Rust 2018. A pair of blog posts published in March and July explained the concept behind the new release, describing the introduction of editions as a chance to “tell a bigger story about where Rust is going.” 

If the theme of Rust 2015 was stability, the Team said, the theme of Rust 2018 is productivity.

“Briefly, Rust 2018 is an opportunity to bring all of the work we’ve been doing over the past three years together, and creative a cohesive package,” the Team wrote. 

Among other enhancements, the 2018 edition introduces a new level of maturity for Rust’s tools ecosystem. “Cargo, Rustdoc, and Rustup have been crucial tools since 1.0; with the 2018 edition, there is a new generation of tools ready for all users: Clippy, Rustfmt, and IDE support,” the Team explained.

Full details on the new release can be found here.

This article was originally published on Friday Dec 7th 2018
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