RIM Gives Devs Free BB10 QWERTY Phones

by Developer.com Staff

Developers who have already submitted apps for the new OS get dibs.

RIM has announced that it will give away 1,500 BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha C smartphones. RIM has already given many developers BlackBerry 10 testing devices, but the Dev Alpha C device is the first for the new platform that features BlackBerry's traditional QWERTY keyboard.

Because it only has 1,500 to give away, RIM is being very selective about which developers can receive the free smartphones. Developers who have submitted at least two BlackBerry 10 apps get first priority, and the company has a complicated point system to determine eligibility.

The giveaway program will run through February 5. RIM plans to launch BlackBerry 10 on January 30.

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This article was originally published on Monday Dec 3rd 2012
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