Researchers: New Framework Reduces Page Load Times up to 34%

by Developer.com Staff

The framework tracks dependencies and schedules when objects load.

Computer science researchers at MIT and Harvard University say they have developed a new framework that can reduce page load times in the Chrome browser up to 34 percent. Their invention has two pieces: Scout, a dependency tracker that tracks data flows between objects on a webpage, and Polaris, a JavaScript scheduler that uses the data from Scout to tell the browser when to load which objects.

"It can take up to 100 milliseconds each time a browser has to cross a mobile network to fetch a piece of data," said PhD student Ravi Netravali, a project contributor. "As pages increase in complexity, they often require multiple trips that create delays that really add up. Our approach minimizes the number of round trips, so that we can substantially speed up a page's load-time."

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This article was originally published on Thursday Mar 10th 2016
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