Report: Women 79% More Likely to Make In-App Purchases

by Developer.com Staff

Mobile development firms might want to re-think their marketing.

According to a new report from vendor Liftoff, women are 79 percent more likely than men to make an in-app purchase in a mobile game. In fact, women make in-app purchases from 16.7 percent of game apps that they install. Overall, 13.4 percent of users make an in-app purchase after installing a mobile game.

The report also found that the cost to acquire a user who completes an in-app purchase has dropped dramatically. In 2017, acquisition costs averaged $50.69 per user, but now they are just $28.05 per user. It also noted that it costs more to acquire an iOS user than to acquire an Android user, but the iOS users are twice as likely to make an in-app purchase.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Aug 21st 2018
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