Report Outlines Steps for Increasing the Number of Women Developers

by Developer.com Staff

Change needs to start in schools.

Accenture and Girls Who Code have released a new report titled "Cracking the Gender Code," which aims to help the development industry attract more women and girls to coding professions. “Dramatically increasing the number of women in computing is critical to closing the computer science skills gap facing every business in today’s digital economy,” said Julie Sweet, group chief executive for Accenture North America. “Without action, we risk leaving a large portion of our country’s talent on the sidelines of the high-value computing jobs that are key to U.S. innovation and competitiveness.”

Based on surveys of students, the report advocates changes in the education system. “The challenges we face originate in school, where too few girls are pursuing studies in computing and related subjects,” the report stated. “The sooner these actions are taken—and the earlier in a girl’s education—the bigger the uplift in getting girls and young women into computing.”

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Oct 25th 2016
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