Report: Java Security Risk Declines

by Developer.com Staff

Cyberattackers have moved on from Java, but Heartbleed continues to be a problem.

Back in 2013, Cisco researchers tracked 54 new Java vulnerabilities, but in 2014, only 19 new Java vulnerabilities popped up, according to the company's 2014 Annual Security Report. "There are still old Java exploits floating around, but the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is continually being updated," said Martin Roesch from Cisco. "I suspect that many Java attacks are against the JVM, and the JVM quality is just getting better with better security."

Roesch added that the Heartbleed vulnerability in SSL continues to be a problem. "Heartbleed was huge, yet 56 percent of OpenSSL versions that we see still have the vulnerability in them," he said. "The most startling thing to me is that people know these vulnerabilities are out there and yet they have no process or discipline in getting them updated."

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Jan 21st 2015
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