Report: Facebook Wants to Host Other Sites' Content

by Developer.com Staff

Will the social network become a platform that hosts a lot of other websites?

Unnamed sources have told The New York Times that Facebook is in talks with half a dozen companies, including BuzzFeed, National Geographic and The New York Times itself, about hosting their content within Facebook. That would allow Facebook users to access news stories and other content from third-party websites without ever leaving the social network. The company has previously said that it wants to make the user experience on Facebook more "seamless," and removing the need to connect to a separate site to view content would do that.

Facebook is said to be discussing ways that the outside websites could share in ad revenue when their content appears on the social networking site. There is no word on whether Facebook plans to expand the program to other third-party websites beyond the handful that it has contacted.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Mar 24th 2015
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