Report: Chinese and Russian Devs Are the Most Talented

by Developer.com Staff

The U.S. and India have the most programmers.

A new study by HackerRank finds that while the U.S. and India have the most developers taking part in the site's coding tests, programmers from China and Russia score the best on the tests. "According to our data, China and Russia score as the most talented developers. Chinese programmers outscore all other countries in mathematics, functional programming, and data structures challenges, while Russians dominate in algorithms, the most popular and most competitive arena," blogged HackerRank's Ritika Trikha.

"If we held a hacking Olympics today, our data suggests that China would win the gold, Russia would take home a silver, and Poland would nab the bronze," Trikha added. By comparison, the United States and India ranked 28th and 31st, respectively.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Aug 30th 2016
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