Report: Apple Is Speeding Up the App Review Process

by Developer.com Staff

Faster reviews generate more revenue for Apple.

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple has shortened the amount of time it takes to review apps submitted to the App Store in order to increase the company's revenues. According to data from AppReviewTimes.com, mobile development firms are indicated that the average app review now takes 1.95 days, down from 8.8 days a year ago.

“A lot of the way that we build software for iOS is controlled around the fact that you have a one-week release cycle,” said app developer Chris Maddern. “It can now happen within hours of submitting them, which is really awesome because it speeds up the development cycle.”

In its latest quarterly financial report, Apple said that it earned $6 billion from services, which includes its cut of app revenues.

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This article was originally published on Friday May 13th 2016
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