Report: Android App Revenue Likely to Surpass iOS App Revenue This Year

by Developer.com Staff

But Apple's App Store will still be the single most lucrative app store.

A new report from App Annie predicts a major change to the status quo in the mobile development industry. For some time now, Android apps have generated more downloads, but iOS apps have generated more revenue. However, this year, the combined revenue from Google Play and third-party Android app stores is likely to exceed the revenue from Apple's App Store.

According to the report, "The iOS App Store is projected to remain the single most lucrative app store through the forecast period, generating more than $60 billion in gross consumer spend in 2021. However, the combined consumer spend on Google Play and third-party Android stores is expected to overtake it in 2017 thanks to their dominant smart device market share and strong installed base growth." Google Play is expected to generate $21 billion, while third-party Android app stores will likely see $20 billion in sales.

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This article was originally published on Thursday Mar 30th 2017
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