Report: 85% of Users Annoyed by Third-Party App Features

by Developer.com Staff

Think twice before adding third-party ads, news, video or tracking software to your apps and websites.

According to SOASTA's Third-Party Analytics Study, 85 percent of users are annoyed by third-party app features like advertising, news, videos or tracking. In addition, 75 percent said they would rather do something unpleasant than deal with these features, and 42 percent said these features slowed down performance and obstructed screens.

“It’s not uncommon to see pages that contain third-party scripts hosted on up to a hundred different servers,” said Tammy Everts, senior researcher at SOASTA. “Each of these scripts represents a potential point of failure for the entire page. A third party that performs poorly can slow down a page’s render time—or worse, block it completely. Page slowdowns caused by third-party resources affect every measurable user behavior: engagement, bounce rate, time on site, retention, page views, conversions, and revenue. Even one second of slowdown can have a significant impact.”

The report recommends that Web and mobile development pros carefully monitor the impact of any third-party services.

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Sep 21st 2016
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