Report: 75% of New App Users Become Inactive Within 3 Months

by Developer.com Staff

Mobile development firms should aim for getting new users to use their apps three times in the first three days.

A new report from Localytics offers insight into an issue of great concern to the mobile development industry: churn. The study found that 75 percent of new app users will become inactive within 90 days, and 58 percent with churn within 30 days.

The keys to getting users to stick around appear to be in-app messages and getting several usage sessions immediately after app download. Among users who open an app three times in the first three days after download, only 29 percent will churn, and among those who open an app 11 times in the first 30 days, only 14 percent will churn. In addition, the report found that apps that send in-app messages enjoy two to three and a half times lower churn rates.

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This article was originally published on Monday Sep 28th 2015
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