Report: 61% of Asia-Pacific Software Unlicensed

Wednesday May 25th 2016 by Developer.com Staff

Developers lost $19.1 billion due to piracy in the region.

The Business Software Alliance has released a new report on the unlicensed use of software. Unsurprisingly, the Asia-Pacific region had the highest piracy rate: 61 percent. Illegal software use in the region cost developers an estimated $19.1 billion last year. Countries with the highest piracy rates included Bangladesh (86 percent) and Pakistan (84 percent). China's piracy rate dropped slightly to 70 percent.

Illegal software use was also common in Central and Eastern Europe (58 percent) and the Middle East-North Africa region (57 percent). North America had the lowest piracy rate: 17 percent.

Worldwide, approximately 39 percent of software in use was unlicensed in 2015.

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