Report: 57% of Mobile Developers Follow Mandated Security Protocols

by Developer.com Staff

In North America 67 percent of mobile development firms are complying with regulations.

A new survey from Evans Data finds that 56.7 percent of mobile developers worldwide follow the security protocols mandated by government agencies. In North America, the result was slight better: 67 percent follow government protocols.

"Security is critical today in all forms of software development, but there are more vulnerabilities when it comes to mobile," Janel Garvin, Evans Data CEO, said in a statement. "Encryption during transport over the network is one of the issues peculiar to mobility that is particularly of concern to developers, but so is encryption for data at rest on the device. As mobile devices become the de facto standard for the client, these issues have become more pressing."

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This article was originally published on Thursday Jan 14th 2016
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