Report: 55% of Developers Contribute to Open Source

by Developer.com Staff

Three-quarters of developers use open source software in their jobs.

Digital Ocean has released a report titled “CURRENTS A Seasonal Report on Developer Trends in the Cloud: Open Source Edition.” It found that 55 percent of developers contribute to open source software, and 75 percent use open source in their jobs. The number one reason for being involved with the open source community was to learn and improve coding skills.

“While open source advocates would undoubtedly like to see more developers contributing to the community, the good news is developers as a whole are very bullish: 89 percent said the open source community is healthy and growing,” the report stated.

The report also found that three quarters of organizations contribute less than $1,000 per year to open source projects. Respondents thought Google was the major tech company most supportive of open source, and Microsoft came in second place.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Oct 30th 2018
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