RedMonk: JavaScript Remains Most Popular Programming Language

by Developer.com Staff

The top five on this list of programming languages have stayed the same since January 2015.

RedMonk has released its most recent list of the most popular programming languages, and once again, JavaScript came out on top. In fact, the top five have remained unchanged for the past eighteen months. They include JavaScript, Java, PHP, Python and C#/C++, in that order.

“The positions have solidified, and it’s becoming apparent that it will take a serious push—or crisis—to significantly alter the dynamics of the top tier absent minor and statistically irrelevant drifts from quarter to quarter," wrote Stephen O’Grady, cofounder of RedMonk.

The report also noted growing interest in Elixir, Julia, R, Rust, Swift and TypeScript.

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This article was originally published on Friday Jul 22nd 2016
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