Red Hat Releases Developer Toolset 6, Software Collections 2.3

by Developer.com Staff

The two packages give Linux developers all the tools they need to create great applications.

Red Hat has updated two of its collections of tools for Linux developers: the Red Hat Software Collection and the Red Hat Developer Toolset. Red Hat Software Collections 2.3 includes MySQL 5.7, Redis 3.2, Perl 5.24, PHP 7.0, Git 2.9, Thermostat 1.6 and Eclipse Neon 4.6.1.

Red Hat Developer Toolset 6 is available to members of the Red Hat Developer Program, and it comes with a free Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) subscription. It also includes GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) 6.2.1, the GNU Project Debugger (GDB) 7.12, binutils (2.27), elfutils (0.167), Valgrind (3.12), Dyninst (9.2.0), strace (4.12) and SystemTap (3.0).

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This article was originally published on Monday Nov 28th 2016
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