Python Gains Popularity in Tiobe Rankings

by Developer.com Staff

The programming language, which is popular for machine learning, could soon break into the top three.

Tiobe has updated its monthly programming language popularity chart, and Python is on the rise. The language has been increasing in popularity because of its usefulness for machine learning and big data analytics. Two other indexes — IEEE and PyPL — list Python as the number one programming language. Python is currently fourth on the Tiobe list, but it is close to overtaking C++ for third. Tiobe suggests the language could eventually ascend to the top spot.

The top ten on the Tiobe list for August are as follows:

  1. Java (16.881 percent)
  2. C (14.966 percent)
  3. C++ (7.471 percent)
  4. Python (6.992 percent)
  5. Visual Basic.Net (4.762 percent)
  6. C# (3.541 percent)
  7. PHP (2.925 percent)
  8. JavaScript (2.411 percent)
  9. SQL (2.316 percent)
  10. Assembly (1.409 percent)

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This article was originally published on Monday Aug 6th 2018
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