Python Climbs to 4th in Tiobe Popularity Rankings

by Developer.com Staff

Objective-C is becoming much less popular as the mobile development industry switches to Swift.

Tiobe has updated its programming language popularity index, and this month Python made big gains, climbing up to fourth place on the list, which is its highest rank ever. The scripting language, which is commonly taught as a first language in high schools and universities, was only eighth on the list a year ago. "[Python is] easy to learn, available everywhere, and embraced by industry. Python is the current standard in scripting," said Tiobe.

Elsewhere on the list, Objective-C continued its decline, dropping from third place a year ago to 15th currently. Its replacement, Swift, climbed from 17th place last month to 14th place this month.

Java is still in first place with a 20.973 percent ranking, followed by C (16.460 percent) and C++ (5.943 percent).

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Dec 8th 2015
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