Pwn2Own Hacking Contest to Be Held March 16-17

by Developer.com Staff

There was some concern that the annual event might be canceled.

Competitive hackers can rest easy—the annual Pwn2Own contest will take place March 16-17, despite some concerns about sponsorship. In the past, the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI), which was owned by HP, was the primary sponsor the event, which gives away more than half a million dollars in prize money. After HP's breakup, ZDI became part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), but was then sold to Trend Micro. With ZDI in transition, HPE and Trend Micro have announced that they will jointly sponsor this year's Pwn2Own browser hacking contest.

At the event, hackers can win various cash prizes for exploits against Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Apple Safari. For the first time ever, there will also be a "Master of Pwn" award to the Grand Champion, a title that will be determined through a point system.

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This article was originally published on Friday Feb 12th 2016
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