Project Spartan to Spur the Development of HTML5 Apps

by Cynthia Harvey

Game developers working on Facebook's hush-hush project could help turn the app store distribution model on its head.

Although all they'll say about the project is "I do not have anything to say about Project Spartan," numerous game developers have been inspired by the Facebook project to create HTML5-based Web apps. Some observers say this move toward HTML5 could quickly spread from games to other types of apps and radically change the current app store distribution model.

"If and when someone comes out with an HTML5 app store, they could eclipse the Android Market very quickly," said Stewart Putney of mobile gaming company Moblyng. "Android is open for disruption."

However, before that could happen, Web browsers must get better at handling touchscreen input.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Aug 23rd 2011
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