Programming Language Popularity Varies by Time of Day

by Developer.com Staff

Coders are looking for information on Microsoft tech during the day, but Web frameworks and Haskell dominate at night.

Stack Overflow has published a new analysis of its traffic data, and it highlights some interesting trends in the popularity of programming languages. Not surprisingly, the website gets the most traffic during the workday, when developers are looking for help to do their jobs. More interestingly, it revealed that programmers are looking for content about different programming languages at different times of the day. Here are a few insights from the piece:

  • "C# programmers start and stop their day earlier."
  • "C programmers start the day a bit later, keep using the language in the evening, and stay up the longest."
  • "Python and Javascript are somewhere in between [C# and C]."
  • Microsoft technologies like SQL Server, Excel, VBA and Internet Explorer get a lot of traffic during the day.
  • "Many of the technologies used outside the workday include web frameworks like Firebase, Meteor, and Express, as well as graphics libraries like OpenGL and Unity."
  • "The functional language Haskell is the tag most visited outside of the workday; only half of its visits happen between 9 and 5."

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This article was originally published on Thursday Apr 20th 2017
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