Profile of an Average Software Developer

by Developer.com Staff

He's married, 36, and has a couple of kids.

What does the average software developer look like? According to the most recent results from Evans Data's semi-annual developer survey, there's a good chance that developer is male. In fact, 86 percent of developers are men. While that's a very high percentage, it's lower than usual for these surveys, indicating that more women are choosing development as a career.

The median age for software developers is now 36, and it's been trending younger for the past three years. That's likely the result of older workers leaving the workforce during the recession and younger developers wanting in on the mobile development craze.

And unlike popular stereotypes, most developers are family men. More than 70 percent are married; only 3 percent are divorced (much lower than for the population in general). And most have two or three kids—only 32 percent have no children.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Oct 1st 2013
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