Portrait of a Python Developer

by Developer.com Staff

The scripting language is now used most frequently for data analysis.

The Python Software Foundation has released the results of a new survey, co-sponsored by JetBrains, that polled 9,500 Python users about their preferences. It found that the most common use for the programming language, cited by 50 percent of respondents, was data analysis, followed by Web development with 49 percent. Devops/scripting/system admin came in third with 35 percent of respondents.

Other key findings included the following:

  • Django is the most popular Python framework (used by 41 percent of respondents).
  • 39 percent of respondents use popular data analysis frameworks like NumPy, SciPy and Pandas.
  • Python developers also develop in JavaScript (49 percent) and HTML/CSS (47 percent).

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This article was originally published on Friday May 4th 2018
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