Palantir Buys, Shuts Down Kimono Labs

by Developer.com Staff

125,000 developers and data scientists used Kimono's cloud computing services.

Data analytics vendor Palantir has purchased Kimono Labs, a startup which offered a cloud-hosted tool for extracting data from websites. As a result, Kimono's service will shut down February 29, although it will make a desktop version of its tool available to ease the transition. "The software download will be free of charge and will function entirely independently from the Kimono platform — and will be provided as is, without continued active development and without technical or customer support," Kimono said.

The company added, "We've realized that continuing to work in isolation on a general data collection tool simply won't allow us to make the impact we want," and it said that the acquisition by Palantir would give its team "the ability to work on things we could not tackle alone as a small startup."

Before the purchase, Kimono had 125,000 customers.

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Feb 16th 2016
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