Oracle Unveils New Goals for JVM

by Developer.com Staff

The Java Virtual Machine will continue to support many languages and will offer better support for microservices architecture.

At the recent JVM Language Summit, Oracle revealed some of its upcoming plans for the Java Virtual Machine. First up: support and interoperability with more languages. "We want a VM that will continue to be polyglot, that will interoperate with unmanaged languages, implement well-managed languages," said John Rose, Oracle JVM architect. "Maybe in the next decade or so we'll see C programs or C++ programs running in managed mode on top of the JVM. I wouldn't be surprised."

In addition, the company hopes to support trends towards strong abstractions, simplified data models, Java-on-Java, density, scaling and microservices. "We also want to be able to do tiny microservices," said Rose, "maybe running a few of them in the JVM or maybe a million of them in the JVM but independently." Other goals include a uniform model, memory efficiency with tuneable data layouts, optimization, and post-threading with confined, immutable data and granular concurrency.

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This article was originally published on Wednesday Aug 10th 2016
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