Oracle Responds to Apache's Threat to Withdraw from JCP

by Keith Vance

Oracle responds to the Apache Software Foundation's threat to leave the Java Community Process Executive Committee, asking them to reconsider. The ASF tells Oracle it's you who needs to do the reconsidering.

Last Tuesday, the Apache Software Foundation said that they will withdraw from the Java Community Process Executive Committee if Oracle does not reverse its decision regarding the licensing for the test kit for Java SE.

"Through the JSPA, the agreement under which both Oracle and the ASF participate in the JCP, the ASF has been entitled to a license for the test kit for Java SE (the "TCK") that will allow the ASF to test and distribute a release of the Apache Harmony project under the Apache License," the ASF statement said. "Oracle is violating their contractual obligation as set forth under the rules of the JCP by only offering a TCK license that imposes additional terms and conditions that are not compatible with open source or Free software licenses."

This week Oracle responded.

"We would encourage Apache to reconsider their position and work together with Oracle and the community at large to collectively move Java forward," Oracle's VP of Standards and Architecture Don Deutsch said. "Oracle provides TCK licenses under fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms consistent with its obligations under the JSPA."

And then the ASF said to Oracle, "The ball is in your court. Honor the agreement."

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This article was originally published on Tuesday Nov 16th 2010
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